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"If you have ever read the New Testament and wished you could have similar experiences and levels of intimacy with Christ and others, then this book is for you."

-Hermie Smit

5 Stars Review
by Readers' Favorite
For Christian, Non-fiction 
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"If you are looking for an excellent book that simplifies how to carry out the Great Commission, I highly recommend The Jesus Strategy—the best book I am aware of on the subject."

-David Hinman

"While everything we want to communicate about the plan of salvation is true and important, it is not the first thing people need to learn about God."

The Jesus Strategy

Discovery Series

Bible Passages to Help Seekers Discover God and Mature as Followers of Jesus

"The primary purpose of disciple-making is to help another person develop a love relationship with God and identify with His kingdom."

The Jesus Strategy

Mountains in Clouds

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Abstract Water

Tom Marshall

Tom has been devoted to the study of discipleship and missions for many years. He has been teaching principles to make disciples and launch movements since 2011. He is a business owner with a career in the electronics industry, but his passion has always been to develop better ways of making disciples to fulfill the Great Commission. Tom co-founded Quest Ministries to love, mentor, and share Jesus with at-risk teens. Tom is the author of The Jesus Strategy: How Jesus Taught Followers to Carry Out His Vision. He lives with his wife in the Sierra Foothills in California. Together they have two grown children.

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