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Prayer Tools

Prayer Walking

Learn how to begin prayer walking

10:02 Prayer

Pray for more kingdom workers


Communication Exercise -1

Engaging in deeper conversations - learning to ask deeper questions and listen

Communication Exercise -2

Engaging in deeper conversations - learning to  share more about your Spirituality

Habits of Effective Disciple Makers - Training

Disciple-Making Movements around the world have grown explosively as Christians have returned to the disciple-making habits modeled and taught by Jesus himself. New Generations offers training on the six habits of a Disciple-Maker. What are those habits? How can you implement them in your own life? And how can you help form them in the lives of others? These questions are all addressed in the free 7-week training course The Habits of a Multiplying Disciple conducted by New Generations North America. If you want to take disciple-making to a new level in your life, you are invited to register for this free course.


How to lead a Discovery Bible Study

What are Disciple-Making Movements?

How to introduce the Bible to newbies 

How can we fulfill the Great Commission?

Strategies for making disciples

How do we respond to the Bible?


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