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What was Jesus’ core message?

 Most Christians don’t know the answer to this question. Most of us were never taught how to speak with our neighbors about the Kingdom of God. The Jesus Strategy offers a practical guide to learn how to share Jesus’ good news in the way He taught His followers. By taking a fresh look at familiar stories, we will see how Jesus’ brilliant strategy is laid out in the gospel accounts. You will be challenged to consider a different approach to both evangelism and discipleship. The Jesus Strategy will show you how to experience the joy of applying Jesus’ principles of making more fruitful Kingdom disciples, who then make other disciples.

 Tom says, “I contend that Jesus’ ways don’t make sense to many Christians.” By taking us on a journey through Jesus’ own words, Tom explains this statement by removing the Western filters we put on well-trodden Bible stories and suggesting a fresh reading that connects with the multiplicative nature of Jesus’ life and teaching.


This book is to be read with a group of holy dissatisfied Western followers of Jesus. It is a manual of revolution to bring heaven to earth. Buy it, read it, practice it, give it away, and watch God do something amazing.

-Roy Moran

Author of Spent Matches: Igniting a Signal Fire for the Spiritually Dissatisfied

Ross Rohde.jpg

Ross Rohde

Author of Viral Jesus recovering the contagious power of the Gospel

What if doing what Jesus and the early disciples did was both more exciting, and more fruitful, than what you normally see today? If this is possible, would you be encouraged? Would you be excited? Then you should read The Jesus Strategy: How Jesus taught followers to carry out his out his vision.


David Hinman

DMM Catalyst for New Generations and  

DMM Specialist for Vineyard Missions

If you are looking for an excellent book that simplifies how to carry out the Great Commission, I highly recommend The Jesus Strategy—the best book I am aware of on the subject.


Hermie Smit

Director of CityTeam in the Neighborhood

Disciple-Making Movements Coach since 2001

If you have ever read the New Testament and wished you could have similar experiences and levels of intimacy with Christ and others, then this book is for you.

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